Scubase Dive Log Version History

Version 4.20

Released: April 26, 2012

  • Improvement: Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • Improvement: Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB Engine.

Version 4.19

Released: February 12, 2012

  • Improvement: Added support for import from the Aeris Computer Interface 2.2.9 dive computer software.
  • Improvement: Added support for import from the Oceanic OceanLog 2.3.6 dive computer software.

Version 4.18

Released: August 28, 2011

  • Improvement: Added support for import from the Shearwater Desktop 2.1.12 dive computer software.

Version 4.17

Released: May 20, 2011

  • Fix: Corrected a possible abnormal termination during dive data import from Mares (and possibly others). This problem has been introduced in version 4.15.
  • Fix: Corrected an import field name typo.

Version 4.16

Released: March 4, 2011

  • New Feature: Implemented import from the Apeks/Dive Rite/TUSA/Zeagle DiveLogBook files.
  • Improvement: Added support for import from the Oceanic OceanLog 2.2.8 Beta dive computer software.
  • Fix: Removed the Shutdown Database option because restart may not be possible due to security constraints.

Version 4.15

Released: September 12, 2010

  • New Feature: Gas Switch annotations are now created during Liquivision and Shearwater HHS and Shearwater Desktop profile import.
  • New Feature: Added 'Check for Updates' menu item.
  • Improvement: The Import Wizard now filters out bogus zero tank pressure at the beginning and end of the dive for DAN DL7 import from certain Uwatec dive computers.
  • Fix: Corrected the import of multiple-ascent profiles from Shearwater Desktop.
  • Fix: Removed the evaluation tag from the printed and generated web pages. This problem has been introduced in version 4.13.

Version 4.14

Released: July 28, 2010

  • New Feature: Updated the Import Wizard to support Shearwater Desktop XML file export format.
  • New Feature: Updated the Import Wizard to import tank pressure profiles for Nemo Air and Puck Air from Mares DRAK.
  • New Feature: Implemented the import of the dive details from the .txt file generated alongside the .csv export file for Liquivision HHS V-Planner.
  • New Feature: Added the ascent rate profile calculation during import for Mares DRAK.
  • Improvement: Implemented 5 second averaging for Liquivision and Shearwater HHS ascent rates to ease chart clutter.
  • Improvement: Made several additional (mostly Nitrox-related) fields available for import from Mares DRAK.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Aeris 2.2.4 and Oceanic version 2.2.7 and 2.2.8 export format.
  • Fix: Corrected the evaluation of Nitrox and Trimix flags during Liquivision and Shearwater HHS import.

Version 4.13

Released: January 6, 2010

  • Improvement: Added compatibility features for Microsoft SQL Server 2008. The default is now SQL Server 2008 Native Client with the possible fallback to 2005 if 2008 is not installed.
  • Improvement: Added compatibility features for Microsoft Windows 7. Decreased the likelihood of file access errors due to Windows security settings.
  • Improvement: Added support for the current import file structure for X1 V-Planner dive computer software.
  • Improvement: Clarified Aeris/Oceanic/Sherwood versions supported by the various import types.
  • Improvement: Added support for Sherwood Computer Interface 2.1.
  • Improvement: Added support for TUSA DataLog.
  • Improvement: Added support for Mares DRAK 1.5.
  • Fix: Increased the length limit for multiple-selected Aeris/Oceanic/Sherwood import file names to prevent an error when the limit is exceeded.

Version 4.12

Released: February 24, 2009

  • Fix: The dive time value is now imported correctly in VR/Ouroboros ProLink log file import.

Version 4.11

Released: February 24, 2009

  • New Feature: Added support for Mares M2, Nemo Wide and Puck dive computers and support for the Mares DRAK and NSI software.
  • New Feature: Updated the Import Wizard to support VR/Ouroboros ProLink log file import.
  • Improvement: A confirmation is requested if a date or time of an existing dive is modified without cloning the dive to prevent accidental overwrites.
  • Improvement: Added several additional import fields to Liquivision/Shearwater and DAN import formats.
  • Fix: When importing Liquivision/Shearwater profiles from within the dive window, any entered dive start date/time is no longer overwritten by the current date/time.
  • Fix: A proper message is displayed if an attempt is made to delete a diver assigned to a trip.

Version 4.10

Released: October 23, 2008

  • New Feature: Updated the Import Wizard to support Liquivision and Shearwater file export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Oceanic version 2.2.3 export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Setup Wizard to install the SQL-DMO component needed to support Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
  • Fix: An error 'Invalid use of NULL' is no longer reported when a free dive without profile is being imported from the Mares IRIS log file.

Version 4.9

Released: April 1, 2008

  • New Feature: Updated the Import Wizard to support ReefNet Sensus Manager CSV file export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Oceanic version 2.2.0 export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Aeris version 2.1.7 export format.
  • Improvement: Improved error reporting when downloading from ReefNet Sensus Ultra.

Version 4.8

Released: February 3, 2008

  • New Feature: Updated the Import Wizard to support Suunto SDE file export format.

Version 4.7

Released: October 26, 2007

  • New Feature:: Updated the Import Wizard to support Citizen Cyber Aqualand NX 4.0 export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Oceanic version 2.1.5 export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Sherwood version 2.0.0 export format.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare possibility of fields not being placed into the correct frame when a new frame is added to the dive or trip window.

Version 4.6

Released: November 29, 2006

  • Fix: Prevented the possibility of date conversion errors on non-English systems.

Version 4.5

Released: November 25, 2006

  • Improvement: Upgraded the database connectivity layer to support Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express and run on Windows Vista. The database engine is now installed separately from Scubase install for more convenient management and upgrades.
  • Improvement: Changed Scubase fonts to OpenType to allow font smoothing on LCD monitors.
  • Improvement: Reimplemented the GPS coordinates download to avoid using a third-party component which would not work on Windows Vista. The new design also allows site coordinates selection from multiple waypoints.
  • Improvement: Added option to specify the minimum dive depth (surface threshold) for the purposes of Bottom Time and Average Depth calculations. The default is now 3ft / 1m.
  • Improvement: Updated the third-party component for picture conversions to the latest Vista-compatible version.
  • Improvement: Updated the third-party charting component to the latest version.
  • Fix: Slide Show Pause button is now correctly unpressed when Slide Show is restarted from a paused state.
  • Fix: Fixed the possibility of certain checkboxes not being checked when running on non-English systems.

Version 4.4

Released: October 6, 2006

  • New Feature: Direct download from the ReefNet Sensus Ultra dive data recorder has been added.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Cressi-Sub version 6.01 export format.
  • Improvement: Updated the Import Wizard to support Aeris/Oceanic version 2.1 export format.
  • Improvement: When importing Aeris/Oceanic manually entered dive, the Bottom Time field is now filled from the Elapsed Dive Time field.
  • Improvement: Scubase no longer imports bogus temperature values if they are present in the old Aeris v.1 log file.
  • Improvement: Improved the logic for importing Sites and Locations from Delta P ProDive log file to handle incomplete site assignements.
  • Improvement: Added Halocline as a choice for Site Water (salinity) field.
  • Improvement: A confirmation question is now asked if an existing Organism, Site, Diver or Equipment Item name is being changed to protect against accidental overwrite when cloning records.
  • Improvement: Sites in different regions can now have identical names.
  • Improvement: Duplicate entries in the generated web page table of contents are now numbered starting with 2, not 1.
  • Fix: Scubase no longer reports an error when printing from a list view sorted by the first (icon) column.
  • Fix: The Assign button in the Site Explorer is no longer improperly enabled when a site category (folder) is selected.
  • Fix: The mouse wheel no longer irreversibly scrolls the charts.
  • Fix: Fixed the possibility of the toolbars not showing when running on non-English systems.

Version 4.3

Released: May 15, 2006

  • Fix: Improved dive date and time parsing from the Suunto Dive Manager version 2 export file name.
  • Fix: Temperature data (if any) are now imported correctly from the Suunto Dive Manager version 2 export file.

Version 4.2

Released: March 21, 2006

  • Improvement: The import wizard now ignores zero (nonexistent) temperature and tank pressure profiles in the Suunto version 2 import files.
  • Fix: Date and depth values imported from Apeks, Cressi-sub, TUSA and Suunto version 2 import files in non-US (esp. continental European) locales are now imported correctly.
  • Fix: Field labels are now truncated sufficiently and do not overflow the allotted space on small paper sizes.

Version 4.1

Released: March 3, 2006

  • New Feature: It is now possible to combine (append) dive profiles separated by short surface intervals.
  • New Feature: Added support for importing Apeks, Cressi-sub and TUSA export files.
  • New Feature: Added support for importing Aeris and Oceanic version 2 export files.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to pick the Next Maintenance Date from a calendar in addition to the automatic calculation.
  • Improvement: Adapted the Import Wizard to import DAN DL7 files generated by DiveRite NitekLogic version 3.25.
  • Fix: Ensured that the bottom line of the page border always prints, even on extremely small paper sizes.
  • Fix: Run-time error 713 "Class not registered. MSSTDFMT.dll missing" can no longer occur when opening the Form Designer.
  • Fix: Equipment items with identical names are handled gracefully when exported into a web page.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with Delta P Prodive dives not imported under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Fixed a possibility of negative Gas Used value imported from Suunto Dive Manager version 2.

Version 4.0

Released: October 9, 2005

  • New Feature: Direct download from the ReefNet Sensus Pro dive data recorder has been added.
  • New Feature: Integrated on-the-fly configurable, active histogram charts into the Dive Explorer for all dive/trip metrics and lists.
  • New Feature: Added web browser style Back/Forward navigation buttons to all Scubase Explorers.
  • New Feature: New and vastly improved printing system. Implemented full preview of all printed pages and printing from the Preview window. Printer properties can be set from the Print window. Optimized handling and canceling of print jobs. Added support for arbitrary page size, printing of pictures, rich text comments, control over the dive profile chart size and placement, improved font size support.
  • New Feature: Added 'rich text' word processing capabilities to most comment fields, including custom.
  • New Feature: Added options to the Picture Properties window to make it possible to exclude pictures from printing and slide show.
  • New Feature: Added picture size information to the Picture Properties window. The pictures can now be optionally resized to an arbitrary size when imported to Scubase.
  • New Feature: Added total service cost and number of services to the Equipment Explorer lists, total membership cost and number of memberships to the Diver Explorer lists.
  • Improvement: Improved list column alignment and zero value suppression in the Explorer lists.
  • Improvement: Multiple dives in the Dive Explorer can be now assigned to a new dive site.
  • Improvement: Redesigned the layout of the Diver and Equipment Item windows. The Memberships and Service lists are now on separate tabs.
  • Improvement: Allows cloning of memberships and services.
  • Improvement: Rich text dive comment is now imported from the Mares software.
  • Improvement: Dive profiles in metric units (m, bar, C) now have resolution to one decimal place. The rounding of imported data has been made consistent.
  • Improvement: Added an option to not import annotations.
  • Improvement: Form Designer window is now sizable.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to configure Diver as a field in the printed dive.
  • Improvement: Cleaned up the behavior of the calendar buttons.
  • Improvement: Added an indication that no pictures are available in the picture mode in the Explorers.
  • Improvement: Improved the look and feel of all graphic buttons and toolbars, the slide show control panel and the various setup selection lists.
  • Improvement: Added 'Delete All Annotations' to the Dive window menu.
  • Improvement: Added Step button to the View Designer.
  • Improvement: New elements are placed after the current element in the Form Designer. Moving a frame to another tab moves the constituent elements with it. The current element is now selected in the Element Order form by default.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to change the data type of a custom element.
  • Improvement: The secondary profile Dive window toolbar buttons are now enabled regardless of the selected tab and pushing them selects the profile tab if necessary.
  • Improvement/Fix: The dive profile chart tooltips now appear without the need to click on the profile. The possibility of program termination when the tooltip is displayed has been eliminated.
  • Fix: Fixed the Clear button functionality in the View Category Step window.
  • Fix: Corrected the display of ampersands in element and picture names.
  • Fix: Added logic to allow the import of Sensus Pro dives that do not end with depth < 3 ft (< 1 m).
  • Fix: Improved rounding of averages in the Dive and Trip metrics.
  • Fix: Max O2 value is no longer imported as blank if it has zero value.
  • Fix: Eliminated duplicated list items if Equipment is listed by Service Location.
  • Fix: The entry of extremely large decimal numbers is now prevented to avoid unpredictable rounding and listing problems.

Version 3.5

Released: July 9, 2005

  • New Feature: Import from Suunto Dive Manager 2.x CSV export files has been implemented.
  • Improvement: The DAN file import has been adapted to import DL7 files generated by Suunto Dive Manager 2.x correctly.
  • Fix: The Blank Forms printing has been enabled again.

Version 3.4

Released: June 23, 2005

  • Improvement: Adapted the DAN Project Dive Exploration import to support Cochran Analyst 4 generated files.
  • Improvement: The breathing gas types '3.00' and '2.99' in the DAN Project Dive Exploration file are now interpreted as Oxygen.
  • Fix: When importing from a DAN Project Dive Exploration file, the import will no longer fail if one or more dives in the import files are excluded from the import.
  • Fix: The tank pressure profile imported from a DAN Project Dive Exploration file can now be charted.
  • Fix: Upgrade from earlier versions of Scubase no longer fail if the 'Avg. Depth' field is not assigned in the Calculations Designer.

Version 3.3

Released: June 17, 2005

  • New Feature: Modified the import from Mares IRIS software to support Mares Nemo dive computer.
  • New Feature: Import from Oceanic ATOM dive computer software has been added.
  • New Feature: Dive profile charts are now scrollable, zoomable and support charting of multiple data sets such as average depth, deco ceiling, temperature, ascent rate, deco and no-deco time, N2 loading, O2 toxicity and tank pressure (availability for import varies among the supported dive computer software).
  • New Feature: Configurable annotations can be added to the dive profile.
  • Improvement: Reimplemented the calendar date picker to avoid conflicts with old versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to assign site and organisms to a dive directly from the site/organism detail window.
  • Improvement: Increased the maximum Equipment Item comment length from 255 to 32000 characters.
  • Improvement: Made possible to enter fractional year maintenance periods for equipment.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to re-enter the registration information into Scubase.
  • Improvement: The Max. Ascent Rate for the Aeris, Genesis, Oceanic and Sherwood computers is now imported as the number of bar graph segments.
  • Fix: If a diver is renamed and the new name differs only in capitalization (such as Joe v. joe), error 35601 will no longer occur when a New Trip window is opened.
  • Fix: Scubase will no longer report an error and terminate if a picture is deleted right after it has been inserted to a dive, site etc.
  • Fix: The Copy button on the Dive window toolbar is now functional.
  • Fix: 'Run-time error 6' will not be generated during printing of dives with large comment blocks uninterrupted by hard line breaks to the Adobe Distiller print driver.

Version 3.2

Released: October 26, 2004

  • New Feature: Print fonts for all titles and fields can be user-selected.
  • New Feature: The dive profile chart colors can be user-selected.
  • New Feature: Added support for Genesis dive computer software.
  • Improvement: The Import Wizard now sets the default values to fields that are not assigned for import.
  • Fix: Modified the build environment to avoid the rare possibility of Scubase reporting a general application error and terminating upon startup in Windows 2000 or Windows Me.
  • Fix: Right-click context menu now always works in the Detail window even if the window has been opened from the Explorer context menu.
  • Fix: Upgrading from a pre 3.1 version no longer causes the List Designer to report 'Type mismatch' error the first time it is run after the upgrade.
  • Fix: It is now possible again to edit custom comment field properties.
  • Fix: It is now possible to add categories to a Trip view that was originally created with no categories.
  • Fix: Made changes necessary to support fields with blank or non-alphabetic captions.

Version 3.1

Released: October 1, 2004

  • New Feature: Diver, Site, Organism and Equipment Explorer windows have been completely redesigned and now resemble the Dive Explorer. They are customizable, sizeable and allow multiple views, metrics reports, configurable columns and multiple selections.
  • New Feature: Multiple organisms can be assigned to a dive in one operation.
  • New Feature: New option added for sightings to be sorted by organism name only. Applies to printing and default dive window listing.
  • New Feature: Enhanced the functionality of the sightings grid. Sorting, column width adjustments and right-click pop-up menu have been implemented.
  • New Feature: Divers, Sites, Organisms and Equipment Items (with optional service log items) and the corresponding blank forms can be printed.
  • New Feature: Implemented Memberships and Certifications list in the Diver window.
  • New Feature: The number of Trip Dives can now be configured as a column in the Trip Metrics and Trip List reports in the Dive Explorer. It can also be added to the printed Trip log page.
  • New Feature: It is now possible to specify the order in which the sightings list and comment sections are printed in the dive and trip log.
  • New Feature: Comment section titles can be optionally printed in the comment box for dives and trips.
  • New Feature: Ctrl+, Ctrl- in date/time/interval fields increment/decrement the value by a day/minute; ShiftCtrl+, ShiftCtrl- by a month/hour.
  • New Feature: Server and Database can be specified as command line arguments to allow having Windows shortcuts to multiple Scubase databases.
  • New Feature: New print option added to always start dive/trip on new sheet.
  • New Feature: Print window displays number of dives, sheets and pages to be printed.
  • New Feature: Dive Explorer views can now be configured without folders to generate All Dives or All Trips master lists.
  • New Feature: Added fields to the Organism window to optionally record taxonomy classification.
  • Improvement: Auto-complete now works in all fields with selection lists, including custom.
  • Improvement: Revised the pull-down choice list and defaults value behavior for consistency in the Site, Organism, Diver etc. windows.
  • Improvement: Print preview window now remembers and maintains its size and position.
  • Improvement: Added 'Adjust Column Widths' menu item to the Dive Explorer and Trip and Dive windows menus.
  • Improvement: Added Help buttons to the Dive Explorer and Dive and Trip window toolbars.
  • Improvement: It is now possible to select a mirror site for the FishBase site.
  • Improvement: If a diver is renamed, then any equipment with a matching owner name also gets reassigned to the new name.
  • Improvement: Increased the size of the Diver E-Mail field to 100 characters.
  • Improvement: Revised the Dive Explorer menu and toolbar to make it consistent with other windows.
  • Improvement: Any trailing zero depth segments are now truncated from the imported dive profiles.
  • Improvement: The Surface Interval calculation is no longer based solely on the Dive Start Time and Bottom Time fields. Scubase now also analyzes the imported dive profile, if any, and adjusts the calculated surface interval for any mid-dive time spent on the surface that is recorded in the profile but not included in the Bottom Time.
  • Improvement: Removed unnecessary Comment entry from the list of element data types. Suffix is now only allowed for text, number and decimal number data types.
  • Fix: If a dive or trip comment is spell-checked, it is no longer truncated to 255 characters.
  • Fix: Dives imported from the Aeris, Oceanic or Sherwood dive computer software that started one hour after noon or midnight are now always correctly sorted in the Import Wizard and consequently correctly numbered.
  • Fix: Fixed memory leak in the Form Designer leading to an eventual application error, especially on Windows 98SE.
  • Fix: Scubase install on Windows XP Service Pack 2 now always registers xwebpic10.ocx successfully.
  • Fix: Upgrading a database from a pre 3.0 version to the current version no longer fails if you have configured Avg or Sum Visibility as a dive metrics column in the Dive Explorer.

Version 3.0

Released: July 12, 2004

  • New Feature: Overhauled the printing system. Microsoft Access is no longer needed to print dive profile charts. It is now possible to print dives with long comments on multiple pages. It is also possible to print dives by selection in the Dive Explorer, not just by dive number. Added support for double sided printers.
  • New Feature: Added optional calculation of Surface Interval, Dive of Day, Gas Pressure Used and Surface Air Consumption. A Calculations Designer has been implemented to configure custom elements and options involved in the calculations.
  • New Feature: Added import fields for TLBG and O2BG start, maximum and end bar graph values for Aeris, Oceanic and Sherwood.
  • New Feature: Avg Depth import field has been added. Scubase calculates this value for those dive computers that do not provide it.
  • New Feature: Trip and dive fields can be defined as 'Default entry'. If so defined, the last value entered in that field will be set as the default for the next new trip or dive.
  • New Feature: Trip and dive fields can be defined as required. All required fields in Scubase, built-in and custom, are now indicated by underlined prompt.
  • New Feature: Implemented customizable Trip window. It contains Summary, Details and Pictures tabs together with Dives tab that lists the trip dives for the trip divers. The trip dives list can be independently customized and can be browsed using the Dive window. Trips are listed in the Dive Explorer and trip views can be defined in the View Designer.
  • New Feature: Multiple Comments fields of predefined size can now be placed on both the Summary and Details tabs in the dive and trip windows.
  • New Feature: The Dive Summary tab is now customizable in a similar fashion as the Dive Details tab. Fields can be moved from one tab to the other.
  • New Feature: Dive count for any checkbox or field can be specified as a column in the dive metrics report (e.g. Number of Night Dives, Deco Dives etc.).
  • New Feature: First dive number can be specified when renumbering dives.
  • New Feature: Icons have been added to the Site, Organism, Diver and Equipment Explorers to mark items with pictures.
  • New Feature: Dive, trip, diver, organism, equipment item and site can be cloned, i.e. field entries and selections can be carried over to a new record.
  • New Feature: Dive sightings and dive picture counts are now displayed on the tabs in the dive window and also can be selected in the Dive Metrics and Dive List designers as Dive Explorer fields. The dive icons now indicate the presence of sightings and pictures in the dive.
  • Improvement: The Bottom Time and Max Depth fields are now handled consistently and the fractional minute is rounded properly for all import types. The Bottom Time for the generic and ReefNet Sensus Pro imports no longer include the time spent at zero depth into the Bottom Time value.
  • Improvement: The dive profile chart is clickable, a label shows the current bottom time and depth when a point on the chart is clicked.
  • Improvement: Enhanced the user interface for the sightings list in the dive window. Now allows multiple selection delete and copy.
  • Improvement: Dive Explorer views can now be ordered arbitrarily using the View Designer.
  • Improvement: Improved the look and functionality of the calendar date picker.
  • Improvement: Bottom Time to Date calculation is now based on Dive Start date and time, not the Dive Number to make it work even if the dives are logged out of order and have not been renumbered.
  • Improvement: DTL is now also accepted as a Uwatec Data Trak log file extension.
  • Improvement: Comment leading and trailing blank lines get stripped before saving.
  • Improvement: Added Quick Start instructions to the help file. Added a menu item for the Quick Start. Scubase now automatically opens the Quick Start instructions when first started.
  • Fix: If all fields are deleted from the Details tab using the Dive Details Designer, subsequent adding a field no longer causes the program to terminate.
  • Fix: The picture delete button now always disables properly when the last picture is deleted in thumbnail view.
  • Fix: Fixed white space and trailing comma trimming from imported Citizen Aqualand Graph comments.
  • Fix: Fixed depth conversion calculation during import from Delta P ProDive logbook files. Updated documentation references to the Delta P program from Prolog to ProDive.
  • Fix: Fixed import from DAN Project Dive Exploration (DL7) file for locales with non-period Windows decimal symbols.

Version 2.4

Released: March 26, 2004

  • New feature: Added support for dive and profile import from Mares IRIS logbook files.
  • New feature: Added support for dive and profile import from Delta P Prolog logbook files.

Version 2.3

Released: February 7, 2004

  • New feature: Added support for dive and profile import from DAN Project Dive Exploration (DL7) files. Cochran Analyst, Dive Rite NiTek Logic, Uwatec Smart TRAK and other OEM dive computer software can export dives in this file format.
  • Improvement: The Import Wizard import types and documentation reflect support for Sherwood dive log program.
  • Improvement: To improve security, network access to the Scubase SQL Server is disabled by default. It can be enabled using the SQL Server Network Utility (installed with Scubase).
  • Improvement: The Dive Window now remembers its size in the same way as the Dive Explorer.
  • Fix: When a new equipment item is being added, the Edit Service and Delete Service buttons are no longer enabled if no service items are listed.
  • Fix: The surface temperature now gets imported for all Aeris computers.
  • Fix: The memo field now always gets imported from Aeris/Oceanic/Sherwood computer software.

Version 2.2

Released: July 14, 2003

  • Improvement: The dive profile chart now conforms to the selected Windows color scheme.
  • Improvement: The picture thumbnail panes now conform to the selected Windows color scheme. Additional visual improvements have been made to the thumbnails.
  • Improvement: An optional status bar has been added to the Dive Explorer window.
  • Improvement: A new equipment owner can now be entered directly in the equipment window without adding it to the diver list first. This allows maintaining customized equipment lists by user groups, various purposes, etc.
  • Improvement: Removed the unnecessary Comments box title from the printed page.
  • Fix: The documentation now clearly indicates that Access 2002 is needed for dive profile printing.
  • Fix: Unclicking the 'View Pictures' button in the Diver, Site Organism, and Equipment Explorer when it contains no items no longer causes the program unexpectedly terminate with an error.
  • Fix: An apostrophe (') in the name of the Scubase installation folder or the folder containing a Scubase Pack or a backup file no longer causes problems.
  • Fix: Scubase is now compatible with locales that use comma (,) as the decimal symbol.
  • Fix: Changing the system decimal symbol no longer interferes with Scubase.
  • Fix: The correct localized time and date separators now appear in all fields on printed reports and in the Import Wizard.

Version 2.1

Released: May 28, 2003

  • Improvement: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine Service Pack 3 (SP3a) is now included with Scubase.
  • Fix: Invalid data are no longer imported into the 'SAC' field from Oceanic and Aeris dive computer software.

Version 2.0

Released: May 19, 2003

  • New feature: Dive photo catalog. Dive pictures can be imported for each dive and presented in the dive window as thumbnails or individual scaled images. Full screen and slide show modes are available.
  • New feature: Multiple pictures can be imported and presented for each Organism and Dive Site.
  • New feature: Diver and Equipment pictures are now supported.
  • New feature: Pictures (or thumbnails) can be browsed in the Organism Explorer, Equipment Explorer, Diver Explorer and Site Explorer. Full screen and slide show modes are available.
  • New feature: Detailed photo properties (picture name, exposure details and text comments) can be entered for each image.
  • New feature: Images can be exported from Scubase to a file.
  • New feature: Scubase Packs can contain multiple pictures per site/organism. Picture properties are now included in the Scubase Packs.
  • New feature: The FishBase Internet site can be searched directly from the Organism window using the common name of the fish species or scientific name of the species, genus or family.
  • New feature: Printing of dive profile charts in the logbook is optionally available if Microsoft Access 2002 is installed on the computer.
  • Improvement: Revised Scubase components, menu items and features terminology for ease of use.
  • Improvement: Large images can be optionally resized before being stored in the database.
  • Improvement: Bitmap images can be optionally converted to JPG before being stored in the database.
  • Improvement: Import from Citizen Aqualand Graph has been upgraded to support version 2.1.
  • Improvement: Added support for import from the Oceanic software for Versa Pro and Pro Plus 2 dive computers.
  • Improvement: Printing of sightings list in the dive comment is now optional.
  • Fix: If a Scubase pack name longer than 50 characters is entered, the pack creation will no longer fail.

Version 1.5

Released: January 19, 2003

  • Improvement: Lists now maintain the scroll position when sorted. Blank values always sort last regardless of the sort order.
  • Improvement: The install has been adapted to allow future distribution of reduced size updates as patches. A side effect of this change is that previous versions of Scubase must be uninstalled before upgrading to version 1.5.
  • Fix: If the service location is blank or is re-selected in the service item window, the pull-down list of technicians for that location is now populated properly.
  • Fix: A blank caption is no longer allowed for Dive Details elements.
  • Fix: If the site longitude degrees field is blank and tabbed over or clicked on and then clicked elsewhere, the program no longer generates an error.
  • Fix: When importing from Suunto Dive Manager, all notes and profiles are now imported as expected.
  • Fix: If a diver, site, organism etc. is modified and then deleted without saving the changes first, Scubase no longer asks for confirmation to save the changes after the item has been deleted.
  • Fix: Main window views that include organism categories no longer list folders for dives that have no sightings.

Version 1.4

Released: October 1, 2002

  • Improvement: Simplified the 'Open Database' dialog to eliminate confusion. 'Login Name' and 'Password' fields are hidden by default.
  • Improvement: Clicking the 'Site' field in the 'Summary' tab of the 'Dive' window displays the site details directly without having to go through the 'Site List' window.
  • Improvement: Clicking the 'Organism' field button in the 'Sightings' tab of the 'Dive' window displays the organism details directly without having to go through the 'Organism List' window.
  • Improvement: Added more Dive Details fields and Views to the empty database. Affects newly created databases only.
  • Fix: When a network or removable drive is used for a backup or pack operation and then becomes unavailable, the next backup or pack operation no longer prompts several times to insert disk in the drive before the file selection window is opened.
  • Fix: The speed of dive import from Aeris and Oceanic dive logs has been dramatically improved.

Version 1.3

Released: August 5, 2002

  • New feature: Equipment records with service logs and next service date tracking for periodic maintenance have been implemented.
  • New feature: OrganismPacks and SitePacks can be created and loaded using Pack Wizards. Scubase Packs allow convenient and flexible sharing of organism and site information and pictures.
  • New feature: Support for dive and profile import from Aeris, Oceanic, Citizen Aqualand, and ReefNet Sensus dive computer software has been added.
  • New feature: Dives can be automatically renumbered by dive start date from the diver details window.
  • New feature: Dive data can be imported for an individual dive directly from the dive window.
  • New feature: Added 'Shore Accessible' checkbox to the Site window.
  • Improvement: Sort-able lists now use icons in the title header to mark the sort column and sort order.
  • Improvement: The use of terms Bottom Time and Start Time has been made consistent.
  • Improvement: Numeric quantities are now accepted for the Abundance field in addition to the predefined values.
  • Improvement: Context menus (right-click pop-ups) have been added to lists, folder trees, and visual customization dialogs. Numerous list behavior improvements throughout. Items can now be deleted directly from lists. Column widths adjustment to fit the contents is now available from the context menus.
  • Fix: Fixed insufficient validation recovery when attempting to save a dive with an invalid Abundance field.
  • Fix: Added the omitted Current field to the copied dive details.
  • Fix: Removed Comment from the list of optional import fields.
  • Fix: Month now behaves correctly when specified as a category folder.
  • Fix: Sorting by Dive Start date and time now works correctly.

Version 1.2

Released: April 15, 2002

  • New feature: A diver can be e-mailed directly from the Diver Details window.
  • New feature: Copy to clipboard is now supported for category and dive lists in the main window and dive summary, dive details, sightings and depth profile (table and chart) in the dive window, and diver, site and organism details (including picture).
  • New feature: The abbreviated dive comments can now be configured as a column in the dive list.
  • New feature: The view categories now have an optional 'Step' parameter that allows grouping of dives into folders by numeric and time interval ranges.
  • New feature: The category report in the main window is now customizable and can display dive metrics, such as maximum, minimum, average and summary values for all numeric and time interval fields, including custom.
  • New feature: Site coordinates download from a GPS device (NMEA 0183 protocol).
  • Improvement: Row sizing is enabled in the sightings grid to allow viewing of longer comments.
  • Fix: Cleaned up ungraceful behavior when ridiculously large numbers are entered in numeric fields.
  • Fix: Fixed a problem with category list data not being displayed under some circumstances.
  • Fix: Fixed an unexpected program termination if a dive is saved when the current sighting row is scrolled off and not visible.

Version 1.1

Released: March 7, 2002

  • New feature: Customizable Import Wizard facility. Allows the import of dive data and dive computer depth profiles from Suunto Dive Manager logbook export files, Scubapro/Uwatec DataTrak logbook files and generic profile files.
  • New feature: Ability to print customized blank (draft) dive log forms.
  • Improvement: Numeric and time interval custom fields can now be used as folder categories in the main window.
  • Fix: Printer properties (e.g. paper size) changes while Scubase is running are now properly handled.

Version 1.0.1

Released: February 12, 2002

  • New feature: GIF, bitmap and metafile image formats are now supported for dive site and organism picture import in addition to JPEG.
  • Improvement: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine Service Pack 2 (SP2) is now included with Scubase.
  • Improvement: Added information about setting metric/US units and other options to the on-line help.
  • Improvement: Setup attempts to install Scubase for all users of the computer, if allowed (new installs only).
  • Fix: The tabbing order is no longer out of sequence in the Diver information window.
  • Fix: If no fields are set up for the printed dive log page, print and print preview no longer fail with an error message.
  • Fix: If a new organism is added while logging sightings, the previously selected sighting no longer gets overwritten when this new organism is selected as a sighting.

Version 1.0

Initial production release.

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